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What is Google-Watch-Watch

Google Watch Watch is a very small site made to refute the claims made by Daniel Brandt on his Google-Watch site. Mr. Brandt's site is too often used as a source and made to seem reputable by media publications. So I decided that someone should make a counter site, and since I know Google would never do so much as give attention to Mr. Brandt with a specific rebuttal, I took it upon myself. A few hours of easy work later and this site was born.

Mr. Brandt's site originally carried nothing more than an argument about PageRank, Google's ranking cornerstore. So this site originally contained nothing more than a counter to that argument. Mr. Brandt later expanded and now Google Watch contains a couple dozen articles. I do not have the ability, nor the desire, to refute all of the articles. For instance some talk about how Mr. Brandt (according to him) has been under surveillance by the CIA since the 60s, and how Google is big brother and other such nonsense. I really don't want to get into the conspiracy theory stuff. I hope that content speaks for itself.

So instead I will only cover the technical complaints, such as PageRank, and the privacy complaints. You can view the original PageRank counter posted below, as well as the new privacy page.

Why Daniel Brandt doesn't like Google PageRank
Google & Privacy

More content may be added in the future if the media swallows more of Brandt's complaints.

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